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Message From The President:

On behalf of the Village of Williams Bay, Wisconsin, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our newly updated Village website.  There are many people who work hard to promote, maintain and develop our community for those who work, play and live in the area.  We are proud of our small Village charm, excellent schools and local government.  We hope that our residents find the information interesting and useful, and that those from other locales find our Village a great place to visit and enjoy the natural beauty we offer in such places as our wonderful and scenic Kishwauketo Nature Conservancy. We are also proud of our many fine restaurants and small specialty shops and businesses.

Finally, having the honor to serve as Village President, It is my pledge to each of our residents and all visitors alike to keep our Village moving forward in a positive and progressive direction, while at all times retaining its unique and historic character among the lakeshore communities of Geneva Lake so as to insure its beauty and character for present and future generations to come.

I welcome everyone to join us for an unforgettable “Day in The Bay”


John P. Marra

Village President  
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